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Service Concept

Cordial service -- honest smile quickly SMART study

Smile (SMILE) refers to the moderate smile
Happiness is the core of our brand, the smile is our language. In the service, we use the sincere smile, to win your smile of satisfaction.

Rapid (SPEED) refers to the speed of response
Simple and effective service, is the most perfect service. As we know, only we fast, can ensure your happiness.

Honest (SINCERITY) refers to a sincere attitude
How to make all-out efforts for customer service in good faith, customers can experience. With a sincere attitude to work is not false, the core idea of the basic requirements only song photoelectric and enterprise management.

Smart (SMART) refers to a flexible mechanism
The most effective way to meet customer needs, provide the most excellent service with flexible program, agile movements.

Research (STUDY) refers to the specialized accomplishment
The technical team rich Jiezhuang experience and professional, thorough the development I color separation technology, put forward the technological scheme of professional for you.

Customer satisfaction three elements, put one hundred points
 refers to customer satisfaction for product quality satisfaction.
Service satisfaction: refers to the customer to purchase pre-sale, a positive attitude in sale, after sale service.
Corporate image satisfaction: refers to the social public to the enterprise comprehensive strength and the overall impression of the positive evaluation

    Service Process

      Matters Attention

      Color sorting machine installation notes


      This machine should be installed in horizontal plane, without pre embeddedanchoring bolts.
      Color sorting machine must have a good grounding, grounding end bar must be at least 50 centimeters into the ground.
      Should not be installed in the low and high temperature, damp, dusty places, indoor good ventilation. Installation site should not be ground shaking. Suggests that the machine is installed in the final selection process, namely the polishing machine or milling, ensure the separation effect.
      To prevent electromagnetic interference, strong field and nearby such as welding, high frequency emission.
      To prevent the machine near the electrostatic interference, so the user from the inlet and outlet pipe and the exhaust pipe must be used iron pipes, no plastic pipe and other non metal pipe, and have a good grounding.
      Avoid being influenced by the sun and lighting equipment caused the sorter source.

      2 out of the box and inspection
      Receive machine, care should be taken out of the box, to avoid unnecessary damage, according to the number of the inventory list of parts, and keep the good, to avoid missing.

      3 the machine installation
      The machine should be a railing or closed solid platform or on the hard ground in (platform about 2 meters from the ground), the machine must not be removed from the installation angle, and should find a level by level, adjust the machine level up to 2/1000mm or below, around the machine should be a channel (every edge at least 50 centimeters) to the operation, inspection, maintenance, according to the conditions of feeding pipe, the upper feed inlet corresponding user, channel should be set on the flow adjusting plate and a material storage box, pay attention to feed pipe shall be pressure in the feed hopper of the machine, otherwise easy to cause vibration, affecting the separation effect, outlet pipe respectively corresponding a sorting out and two qualified products and elimination of sorting material, according to the scene with lifting device user needs, configuration method refer to installation instructions.

      4 electrical installation
      Warning: strict compliance with the wiring instructions or attention, otherwise it will cause personal injury or electric shock accident.
      The user must have the three-phase AC power supply (380V ± 5% air compressor), single phase 220V ± 5% and a good grounding.
      (1) the host power supply
      The power of this machine should be installed in the air inlet switch more than 20A (does not recommend the use of theKnife Switch). Power supply for the single-phase AC voltage 220V ± 5%, 50/60 hz.
      This machine (including the machine channel heater 800W) about 2.0KW capacity, connected to a single-phase 20A air switch off the head (220V), pay attention to tightening!
      In order to avoid the interference and the thunder attack, there must be a  electric wire connect the machine to ground , the electric wire must embed into ground 50cm.
      (2) the air compressor power
      Air compressor installation position to close as the principle, the overall length of the pipeline is not more than 10 meters, depending on the specific circumstances, Air compressor must have a air switch with three phase 60A (380V)

      5. Air source install
      The user must use the air compressor without oil anhydrous, and configure the water filter; the screw type air compressor oil filter must be added, the pipeline between the gas path components machine must use Dg25mm galvanized pipe or higher levels (such as PPR). Recommendations from the isolation room air compressor installed in the machine near the inner (far less than 15 meters), thus reducing noise and ensure the supply of machine is enough pressure.

      6 suction pipe installation
      The user must be equipped with suction pipes, in order to avoid cavity nemy ash closure of large, light particles affect the color sorting effect.

        Auxiliary Equipment

        Color machine auxiliary equipment installation

        The user must use the air compressor without oil anhydrous, and configure the coarse filter (our company has distribution). The pipeline between the gas path components of machine must use the corresponding diameter galvanized pipe, rubber hose or higher levels of connection. Suggestions to air compressor installed in the machine from the isolation room near the inner (farthest should not be more than 15 meters), this can reduce the noise and ensure the supply of sufficient pressure machine.

        Color sorter matched filter, the use of temperature is between 0 ℃ -40 ℃, and in winter (especially in the northern area), room temperature can drop to 0 degrees below, so at each end of the operation should be dry, and increase the heat preservation measures, make the room temperature maintained at 0 ℃. Otherwise, may cause the filter and pipeline and frozen, it will not only block the flow of air, may also damage the filter element.

        Place compressor mounted air ventilation should be good, the environment clean, flat ground, air humidity is small. Temperature controlled at 40 DEG C, and keep maintenance space distance of each wall 80 cm above, pay attention to the sewage outfall outwards, facilitate the discharge, should avoid direct sunlight and rain.

        The machine is equipped with pre coarse filter, the installation should be placed in the air or gas tank outlet, so as to ensure the filter function can be fully played out.

        If it is found that the color selector on the pressure gauge shows the pressure decreased significantly (below 0.1MPa, color sorting machine working pressure is 0.15 - 0.1 8MPa), should replace the filter pre filter in time. Never will filter out, otherwise it will seriously affect the filter element and injection valve and damage level of precision filter.

        Pipe connections from the air compressor, in order to avoid the effect of vibration, can be connected with a rubber hose.

        In all pipe connections before, must be in the pipeline of debris and dust clean, otherwise directly damage the injection valve.

          Problem Solution

          Color Sorter Problems Solutions

          This machine has the automatic fault detection and alarm function, parts are corresponding indicating lamp failure or displayed on a color display. Users themselves can eliminate.

          Failure phenomenon Reason Solution
          Electromagnetic valve leakage The valve body Blowback, repeated testing valve
          Valve parts wear Replace worn parts
          The solenoid valve does not move Bad contact after the valve head Re plug, repair bad contact position, the contact is good
          The control circuit board is damaged Change control board
          A small amount of electromagnetic valve jet The solenoid valve is not transferred to the specified location Re adjust / change of electromagnetic valve
          Low air pressure Check the pressure gauge and the corresponding gas path
          Meters Road jump meters Meters of humidity is too big Dehumidifying, drying and then select,
          Meters of road dust agglomeration Use a soft cloth material cleaning meters Road
          Meters Road scratches Replace meters Road

          Color indicator light and the electromagnetic valve frequent moves
          (daylight lamp machine)

          Fluorescent lamp burned out The replacement of fluorescent lamp
          The color selection mode was not chosen to The correct choice of mode
          Damage to the power of fluorescent lamp Replacement of power
          The background plate. Repair stuck places
          Choose M waveform did not adjust well Re adjust the background plate
          The fluorescent lamp has not been lighted To light a fluorescent lamp
          The circuit fault tips Circuit fault Please contact with the company
          Both sides of the machine m road poor sorting effect Lamp at both ends blackening The replacement of fluorescent lamp
          The basic not separation The sensitivity is too low Sensitivity adjustment
          Background plate adjustment Background plate adjustment
          A period of time sorting quality is getting worse The dust separating chamber glass plate With a clean cloth to wipe the dust
          Sensitivity, background boards and other parameters change Re adjustment of parameters
          Meters road without heating Check whether the normal heating system
          The dust scraping device damage, aging Replace the ash scraping brush
          The unilateral poor sorting effect Rodless cylinder cleaning is not in place, poor cleaning effect Adjust the gray scraper scraping speed
          Color machine often shut down The sensitivity is too high Sensitivity adjustment
          Background plate (i.e. waveform) improper adjustment Background plate adjustment
          The raw materials contain yellow high Reduce production
          Color sorter supply pressure is insufficient Check the air pressure is normal, whether the air way too far, re adjust the gas path
          Pressure often protection Try to make the pipeline smooth, clean or replace the filter element

            Daily Maintenance

            Color sorting machine daily maintenance

            Color sorter is a combination of light, point, mechanical technology in the industry and agriculture production equipment, wide application, high technology content, high cost, have certain requirements for the production environment, so the color sorter customer requires an understanding of a certain color machine operation and maintenance of the knowledge, in order to give full play to effect and enhance the color selector color machine service life. The following is the operation and maintenance guide Anhui Jietai Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. color sorter:

            One, the boot:

            1, open the confirmation of compressor pressure reaches a certain time (more than 0.6Mpa), open the cold and dry machine, power supply (220V) and hoist. On color machine power and enter color sorter air pressure value (0.2Mpa), the voltage value is correct, the water in the air storage tank is empty.

            2, material, please according to the selection of raw materials of different color patterns, identifying the source the way light lamp. A simple cleaning, confirm the chute and outlet no body, no dirty loss before cutting room before the optical glass.

            Two, shutdown:

            1, temporarily stop production (such as half an hour), but has to click the touch screen "feeding" and "valve open" button to stop feeding, and then close the valve, without shutdown. Continue to produce, in press two keys, which can be air compressor without shutdown, do not let the color sorter is half open half closed.

            After the shutdown of equipment by air within the simple cleaning (such as chute, optical glass, good mouth, jet orifice) and the filter inside the compressed air and water drain. 3, color sorting machine shutdown, and then close the air compressor, cold and dry machine, auxiliary equipment power supply and lifting machine etc.. 4, if the long time does not use the equipment (such as more than two weeks), please dial out power plug. 5, pay attention to!

            Must not for blanking in equipment, directly on the touch screen of the "off" button, can not be repeated several times according to the "power" button, but can not cut through, pulled out the power directly in the mode of shutdown, it may cause damage to the equipment.

            Must not for blanking in equipment, directly on the touch screen of the "off" button, can not be repeated several times according to the "power" button, but can not cut through, pulled out the power directly in the mode of shutdown, it may cause damage to the equipment.

            Three, setting the parameters:

            1, first click on the parameters to set (the control panel on the "pattern", "production" and "sensitivity", "background" button), and then through the up and down arrow can modify the value, if it is determined to change, can click "confirm" button, the parameter was changed to numerical setting the;

            2, the color selection mode choice: (multi content in raw material as benign and m, less content as bad meters selected)

            Harmonia particle model: selected from rice, millet, rice, brown rice.

            White belly pattern: from rice (transparent meters), abdominal white rice (glutinous rice) elected.

            Huang Baitong: yellow rice, black rice, white belly selected from rice (glutinous rice) elected.

            Transparent particle mode: from the ventral white rice (glutinous rice), rice (transparent meters) elected.

            Inverse selection mode: from black rice, rice grain selection out.

            User mode: according to the customers' materials (sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame big yellow rice, etc.) and user to user settings.

            3, the yield value can be set by the "flow control" button: the general control in the "1~50" between the up and down arrow adjusting value, the reference value of 40; numerical value is greater, more output, but the general value must not be too large, otherwise not only affect the rice color sorting effect, and the machine at full load operation, will shorten the service life of the machine, easy fault. The set value should be based on meters in grain impurity quantity and the requirements of the color sorting effect to decide.

            4, color effect can be adjusted through the "sensitivity", "sensitivity" numerical value is greater, the better the quality of goods color selection. "Sensitivity" numerical control in general "70~120", a reference value of 85; in general, the sensitivity is equal to the mirror before the mirror a front of sensitivity, sensitivity of two color selected below the sensitivity of a sensitivity value, should not go to extremes, or will the rice has been circulating color selection, led to a decline in production effects of machine performance, stability.

            5, to set the parameters, are examined to production effect for 2 to 5 minutes, such as color selection of good effect (good export), the rice mixed rate of non-performing products (bad products export), and output size (M slot windows) is appropriate, in order to adjust the.

            6, if you modify the yield and sensitivity are not adjustable lewd election results, glass surface check the daylight lamp room is too dirty; check whether the fluorescent lamp lit by mode; check the lamp will flicker; whether foreign bodies make the grain scattering check chute; check the outlet is blocked; check whether the normal lifting machine work.

              Contact Detail
              CEO:Mr Chenyingbin
              Contact:Vita hu